A level 2 chimney inspection is required by NFPA 211 during transactions of property. The NFPA 211 is my standard of care as a Certified Chimney Sweep so that’s what I recommend. If you really want to know what condition that chimney you’re thinking about buying is in, get a qualified agency to do a level 2 chimney inspection.

Fireplace and chimney

Home inspectors will typically open and shut dampers to make sure they’re working, and shine a flashlight up the chimney to check for big obstructions like a bird nest. But that’s typically where their inspection ends.

Want more? A fireplace inspector can perform a Level 1 inspection to look for soot and creosote buildup, which could start a chimney fire. This extra inspection will cost about $80 to $200. If the home has experienced an earthquake or major storm, a chimney inspector will perform a Level 2 inspection, which adds visits to the roof, attic, and crawl space to check for damage ($100 to $500).