For Better Draft & Safer Fires, Have Your Smoke Chamber Parged Smooth With Chamber Coat

Draft is such an important factor in fireplace performance, and the smoke chamber plays a big role in determining draft. The smoke chamber is an inverted funnel-shaped area located between the damper and the flue, and its purpose is to make it easier for the smoke and gas produced by the fire to quickly get up into the chimney flue so it can exit the home.

When everything’s in good shape, you shouldn’t have to worry about a smoking fireplace or dangerous heat transfer, but when damage is present or the smoke chamber needs to be reshaped or redesigned, problems are inevitable.

What kind of problems can occur?

  • smoke can backflow into the home
  • heat can transfer to nearby walls and combustibles, sparking a house fire
  • gas, like carbon monoxide, can enter the air supply and harm you or your family
  • excessive creosote can build up inside of your chimney and fireplace

Parging — The Fast & Effective Solution To Smoke Chamber Problems

So what can you do if there are problems with your smoke chamber? Call Armour Chimney Service. I parge smoke chambers smooth, which is a method of repair that leaves the surface of the smoke chamber smooth and free of openings and cracks. I may do this if:

  • the smoke chamber has cracks or gaps in it
  • the smoke chamber is damaged and deteriorating
  • the smoke chamber has corbeled steps
  • the smoke chamber needs to be reshaped for better draft and air flow

Parging is quick and effective, and doesn’t require any demo or tear-out work, so you’ll be enjoying your fireplace again in no time.

How do I fully reshape and restore smoke chambers without a mess? I use the industry’s best product for the job: Chamber Coat. Chamber Coat is an insulating product that’s made to withstand temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees F. Not only does it leave smoke chambers smooth, but it also protects against heat and cold transfer, and brings smoke chambers up to national and local building codes.

I simply spray or trowel the product onto the surface of the smoke chamber, shaping it as I go, and smoothing over every area. If there are cracks or holes, the product will fill and seal them. If there are corbel steps or jagged edges, the product will cover them.

When I am done parging your smoke chamber, you won’t have to worry about heat transferring to nearby combustibles, smoke wafting back down into your home, carbon monoxide entering your air supply because of poor draft, or smoke lingering in the fireplace and causing excessive creosote buildup. You can just kick up your feet and relax in front of a warm fire.

How Do You Know If Your Smoke Chamber Needs To Be Repaired?

Given its location in your chimney system, it’s not exactly easy to see smoke chamber damage or know when it’s time to have yours repaired. So how can you tell if you need to schedule repairs? Start with a chimney inspection, each and every year. I use Chim-Scan® video technology to see up inside of the chimney system. I’ll be able to show you (not just tell you) when damage is present and repairs are needed. That way, you can make repairs and enjoy a safer, better-performing fireplace.

Ready to schedule an inspection to find out if your smoke chamber needs to be parged smooth? Call Armour Chimney Service at 208-550-8474 or request an appointment online today. I work hard and aim to please my customers in Coeur d’Alene and all the areas surrounding, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM, and Saturday, 8AM to 3PM.


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