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Unfortunately, when it comes to a leaky chimney, there can be several problem areas or water entry points, and by the time you start seeing signs of a leak, a lot of the damage is likely already done.

  • Rust stains on the chimney top
  • Dripping water down in the fireplace
  • Water stains on walls and ceilings
  • Crumbling brick
  • Efflorescence (white stains) and algae growth on chimney stacks

All of these unsightly and unsettling issues can be chalked up to a water problem or chimney leak. Have you noticed any of the above? No matter where the leak is or how long it’s been there, you can trust on the service-oriented, highly trained team at Armour Chimney Service to provide a solution.

I’ve been repairing and preventing chimney leaks in Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding communities since 2009, and our attention to detail, experience, and expert training allow us to pinpoint and eliminate leaks fast.

I’ll start by inspecting your chimney system — top to bottom — and thoroughly looking at every water damaged area. Through my inspection, I’ll be able to identify how water is getting in so I can provide you with a solution that works.

What are the most common causes of chimney leaks?

  • A missing, damaged, or poorly fitted chimney cap
  • A cracked, crumbling, or poorly designed chimney crown
  • Ripped, gapping, corroded, or poorly installed flashing
  • Porous, deteriorating brick

Whether one of the above is to blame for your chimney leak or you have multiple entry points, you can count on me to do the repair work.

Leaky Chimneys
  • Install chimney caps — Chimney caps are your flue’s only defense against rain, snow, sleet, animals, birds, and leaves. When installed correctly, they can provide excellent protection, but when sized and installed incorrectly, they can actually hinder draft and fail to keep critters and moisture out. Is your prefab or masonry chimney in need of a new cap? From rain caps and spark arrestor caps to draft enhancing caps, animal guard caps, and multi-flue caps, I sell and install the best of the best from Olympia. With Armour Chimney Service, it’s easy to have a cap that’s customized to your needs installed quickly and correctly for protection that lasts and lasts.
  • Repair, repour, and waterproof chimney crowns — The concrete top of your brick chimney needs to be free of cracks and damage, and should have a slight slope and a drip edge to direct rain, snow, and sleet off of and away from the chimney. If the crown isn’t built to proper specs or has begun to crack and deteriorate, leaks will always be a problem. Is it time to have your crown repaired or repoured? Armour Chimney Service is the team you can trust to do the work right. From filling and sealing cracks to repouring a new crown and waterproofing it for years of leak protection, count on a certified and experienced tech to have a solution to your crown concerns.
  • Repair and install flashing — Is the base of your chimney where it exits the roof adequately protected? If the flashing in this area is poorly done or has been lifted, dented, or damaged, water can quickly get in and ruin wood framing, drywall, and other components of the building structure. Make sure your flashing is providing the protection it should by having your flashing repaired or replaced and waterproofed by the team at Armour Chimney Service.
  • Waterproof brick chimneys — Brick chimneys are porous, so they’re naturally going to absorb a small amount of moisture when it storms. But if the masonry is deteriorating or has developed cracks and gaps, excess water will be pulled in, causing damage from the inside out. The best way to protect your brick chimney and keep damage and leaks at bay is to get in front of the problem by waterproofing the chimney. I use ChimneySaver, the industry’s best masonry water repellent to provide customers with 20 years of leak and water damage protection.

Do you have a leaky chimney? You want water out and you want it out for good — and the sooner you act, the better. I understand and I am here to help. Call Armour Chimney Service at 208-550-8474 or request an appointment online and I’ll sent a prompt, professional, and courteous leak repair expert out to your property. I serve single and multi family homes, restaurants, commercial properties, and apartment and condominium complexes of all sizes, and I pride myself on providing great service at a great price. Call today — I’m here for you six days a week!


Chimney relining with stainless steel will give you years of safe and efficient operation when installed by our professional chimney and masonry repair experts..

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