Waterproofing Your Chimney Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars & It’s Easy & Fast With Armour Chimney Service

With all the costly damage and frustration that water problems and chimney leaks can cause, I wanted to do more for my customers than repair leaks — I wanted to prevent them. That’s why, in addition to installing and repairing chimney caps, crowns, and flashing, I am proud to waterproof chimneys with the industry’s best and most effective water repellents.

Here at Armour Chimney Service, I use ChimneySaver because I want to be able to guarantee the results. What is ChimneySaver and why is it better than other waterproofing products you might see at Home Improvement stores? Let’s dive in…

First things first: what is ChimneySaver?

ChimneySaver is a non-toxic water repellent that can be applied quickly for 10 years of protection against water damage and chimney leaks. The product is sprayed onto the brick chimney and is absorbed into the brick, offering protection that goes deep.

What makes it different from other products out there and why is it the only product that’s good enough for my customers?

#1 ChimneySaver Is Vapor Permeable

A lot of waterproofing products are acrylic or latex paint based, which isn’t exactly ideal for brick chimneys. Why? These products can actually trap moisture inside of the brick (which is naturally porous) and prevent water vapor from escaping.

In fact, this is one of the things that causes masonry damage, like spalling, flaking, and imploding brick. In other words, if the wrong product is used to waterproof your chimney, you could actually end up causing more moisture damage by trying to prevent it.

ChimneySaver, on the other hand, is 100% vapor-permeable and allows the water vapor produced by the fire to escape the masonry. Still, it’s 99.9% effective at keeping water out of the chimney, so you don’t have to sacrifice protection on any front.

#2 ChimneySaver Won’t Leave Behind A Gloss Or Change The Texture Or Tint Of Your Brick Chimney

The goal of waterproofing your chimney is to keep it standing strong and looking great, right? Well, a lot of waterproofing products actually change the look of the masonry when they’re applied. These products may leave a glossy, textured, or tinted finish, and completely alter that beautiful chimney you love.

ChimneySaver, on the other hand, is non-glossy and clear. The only difference you’ll see when you have ChimneySaver applied is that your chimney will be leak-free and without water damage for a full decade.

#3 ChimneySaver Resists Mold, Mildew, Fungus & Algae

Mold, mildew, fungus and algae are commonly found on water-damaged chimneys, and all of these can be damaging and unattractive. While many waterproofing products protect against one or two of these — only ChimneySaver protects against them all. Why invest in a product that’s not going to give you complete protection?

#4 ChimneySaver Protects Against The Freeze/Thaw Cycle

One way that moisture damages brick chimneys is that it expands and contracts inside of the brick, during what’s known as the freeze/thaw cycle. This cycle can virtually destroy a chimney, but unlike other sub-par waterproofing products out there that weren’t designed specifically for chimneys, ChimneySaver offers protection against this process.

#5 ChimneySaver Is Environmentally Friendly

More and more homeowners are looking for products that will help them protect their properties against damage, without harming the environment. But if you’re waterproofing your chimney with just any old product, you may be using toxic products that aren’t good for anyone.

When you waterproof with ChimneySaver, you don’t have to worry about that. This water-based, earth-friendly product won’t compromise your chimney or your environment.

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