HeatShield® Flue Repair

The purpose of your chimney is to safely convey the products of combustion outside of your home to the outside atmosphere. When masonry flue liners are misaligned, cracked, or otherwise damaged so that they can no longer perform their intended function, they must be removed and replaced, repaired, or relined.

HeatShield Flue Repair

What Is The Danger In Waiting To Make Repairs To Your Flue Liner?

A defective chimney flue can leak flue gases containing carbon monoxide into the home or allow heat to come into contact with concealed combustible framing. This is an extremely dangerous situation and can lead to a structure fire. HeatShield® Flue Repair can completely seal these types of defects and prevent these types of dangers.

Do you have a masonry chimney with a cracked flue liner? Resurfacing with the HeatShield® Chimney Liner Repair and Resurfacing System can restore your masonry flue liner to better-than-new condition.

What Is HeatShield®?

HeatShield® is a “cerfractory®” sealant, which is made of ceramic and refractory materials. It’s this combination of strength, durability, and heat resistance that makes the system so effective. HeatShield® restores the ability of your masonry chimney’s flue to vent hazardous flue gases from your home by completely resurfacing the flue (or portions of it) and sealing all gaps, cracks, spalling, and/or other defects.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! The HeatShield® flue sealant and CeCure Sleeve is tested and listed to UL 1777-Standard for Chimney Liners (by Warnock Hersey) and has been tested to ASTM C199 Standard Pier Test for Refractory Mortars. It’s rated as “Super-Duty,” and exceeds both the IRC and the NFPA code requirements. That’s safety and restoration you can trust!

Armour Chimney Service is proud to be a factory-trained HeatShield® Flue Repair installer, and I can restore your flue using one of the three HeatShield® application systems. For all three, I’ll create a custom foam plug or applicator and prep the flue to ensure a seamless application and a long-lasting end result.

Here are the three different applications and when to choose one over the other:

  • Joint Repair — The joint repair system is used when there are gaps or holes in the areas between the flue tiles. Damage could be isolated to one area or a couple of different areas, and I simply apply the HeatShield® sealant to those specific areas, using the foam applicator to press the product into any holes, gaps, or cracks. Good as new!
  • Resurfacing — The resurfacing system is ideal for flues with badly damaged surfaces. Whether clay tiles are beginning to crack or joints are gapped and damaged, if the damage is pretty much top to bottom, but the flue itself is still structurally sound, I’ll likely resurface with HeatShield®. I’ll pour the sealant down into the flue and crank the specially fitted foam applicator plug up the length of the flue liner. When it reaches the top, the entire flue liner will be resurfaced and sealed.
  • CeCure Sleeve Relining — If the flue liner needs added strength and insulation, the CeCure Sleeve Relining option may be the best choice. I start by resurfacing the flue with a layer of HeatShield® sealant, but then slip a stainless steel mesh enforced liner (the CeCure sleeve) down into the flue. Once it’s safely secured, I pour the HeatShield® sealant down into the flue once again, using the foam applicator plug to press it into the sleeve liner and create a smooth, reinforced, highly insulated surface.

Here at Armour Chimney Service, I want customers in Coeur d’Alene and the neighboring areas to enjoy safer, more relaxing evenings by the fire. If a cracked flue liner has crushed your dreams of spending this winter in front of the fireplace, call me at 208-550-8474. HeatShield® can restore your masonry chimney’s flue liner so you can spend countless cozy evenings by the fireside. Call or request an appointment online today.


Here at Armour Chimney Service. we do a variety of chimney and masonry repairs, including chimney repointing and rebuilds. Ask for details when you give us a call.

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