Repairing, Repouring & Waterproofing Chimney Crowns Right For Decades Of Leak Protection

Another big cause of chimney leaks is damage to the concrete top or crown of the chimney. The chimney flue or flues stick up above the crown, but the crown is responsible to protecting the rest of the chimney against water damage and leaks.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for chimney crowns to crack and break up over time — and once they do, water can start making its way in, little by little.

While small hairline cracks and flaking spots may not mean big trouble at first, they can worsen with exposure to moisture, growing larger and wider with each passing season. And the bigger they get, the bigger your water problems get. That’s why crown repair is so important!

Here at Armour Chimney Service, I specialize in keeping chimneys in Coeur d’Alene and the neighboring areas dry and in great condition, no matter how old they are. And in order to do that, repairs, repours, or waterproofing the chimney crown may be necessary. Here’s a little bit about each service, why it’s needed, and how it’s done:

  • Crown Repairs — For cracks and slight deterioration, repairs are a viable option. I fill larger holes and cracks with caulk and repair smaller holes and cracks with a product called CrownSeal. CrownSeal does what its name implies — it seals cracks and holes in crowns. This elastomeric coating creates a waterproof membrane on the crown so that water can’t get into those small cracks and holes and cause them to grow or worsen in condition.
  • Crown Repour/Rebuilds   If the crown is a bit worse off or it wasn’t built right originally, you will likely need to repour or have the crown rebuilt. To do this, I’ll use high quality, long-lasting concrete. Once the original crown is repaired, the concrete will be repaired into a specialized form, ensuring a beautiful and effective end product and a perfect fit. Every crown I build is built to proper specs and includes a slight slope (to encourage rain, snow, and sleet to run off of the crown) and a drip edge that extends beyond the chimney stack (to direct the water that runs off away from the brick and the flashing). I build crowns to the suggested thickness as well, to eliminate concerns of water wearing through the crown.
Chimney Crown Repair
  • Crown Waterproofing — Naturally, when you’ve had your crown repaired or replaced because of damage or a chimney leak, you want to do everything you can to prevent a recurrence. Waterproofing is the best thing you can do. When waterproofing crowns, Armour Chimney Service uses CrownCoat, which is a brushable sealant that leaves a waterproof membrane over the entire crown. The product resembles concrete in color and it’s designed to provide protection, without making a statement. Of course, it can be custom colored if you’d like, as well. How long does this crown waterproofing service last? When you have CrownCoat applied by the team at Armour Chimney Service, you’ll enjoy 15 years of leak protection.

Ready to seal your crown and keep water out long-term? Schedule a chimney inspection with Armour Chimney Service for a professional, thorough, and knowledgeable tech that will inspect your crown and let you know what is recommended.

Whether you need a little crown repair here and there or a whole new crown poured, I’ll give you the information you need to move forward and enjoy a leak-free future. We’re CSIA- and NFI-certified and I am the only Master Hearth Professionals in the area, so you can be confident I have the training to back up the advice.

To schedule an appointment and experience great service from prompt and reliable chimney professionals, call 208-550-8474 or reach out tome here through the website. I am licensed, insured, bonded, and here for you six days a week.

Do you have a prefab chimney with a metal chase cover that needs to be replaced? I can take care of that, too. Just give me a call!


One possible source of leaky chimney problems is damaged or missing flashing and we can help with that!

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