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Is your gas fireplace in need of service, repair, or installation? Armour Chimney Service is an NFI-Certified Gas Specialist here to meet your gas fireplace service needs. I service, repair, troubleshoot, and install:

  • direct-vent fireplaces
  • free standing gas stoves
  • B-vent heaters
  • top-vent gas fireplaces
  • sand pan burners with log sets
  • ventless heaters
  • vented gas logs

Note: I am here to help keep your gas fireplace in tip-top shape, but for gas ranges (like the cook top in your kitchen), I recommend you contact a competent, licensed appliance repair company. Likewise, if your HVAC system is acting up, I recommend you contact a competent, licensed HVAC contractor.

Gas Fireplace

Troubleshooting & Repairs

Many people assume that gas fireplaces are maintenance free, but that’s not really the case. Yes, they’re low maintenance, clean burning, easy to use, and able to provide fire and warmth at the touch of a button, but they can still have problems.

There are many components in the fireplace that must be in great working order and properly connected to ensure a safe, comfortable, and efficient fireside experience. If any of these components breaks or has an issue, you could end up with a poorly performing appliance and even carbon monoxide exposure.

So if you’ve experienced any problems, like trouble keeping the pilot light lit, bad odors when the fireplace is running, soot stains around the fireplace, or poor fireplace performance, it’s time to schedule an inspection with Armour Chimney Service. I am a diagnostic expert and I’ll evaluate the entire system and figure out exactly what’s going on.

I’ll check for proper venting and clearances; proper function of all fireplace components, including valves and seals; leaks or draft issues that could be bringing combustion gases into the home; condensation concerns; pilot light issues; fan or blower failure; cracks or other signs of damage; venting blockages; and broken parts.

If repairs are needed, you can count on me to make them quickly and correctly. I’ve worked on all makes and models and I have the training and experience needed to do the job right.


Whether it’s natural gas or propane, all gas-burning heaters require regular service. Annual inspections and routine cleanings are critical to the safety and efficiency of the appliance, and I am here to help provide the most thorough services possible.

What are some problems that can occur if you don’t keep up with gas fireplace maintenance?

  • If your gas fireplace or stove is dirty and neglected, it can burn dirty and foul the glass with a white film. This white film is typically sulfuric acid. All fossil fuels produce sulfur during combustion, and when sulfur is mixed with moisture (the water vapor produced during combustion), sulfuric acid is created. This acid can be highly corrosive and really do a number on your chimney liner and other fireplace components. Likewise, soot may be present in the system and need to be removed. A good sweeping should eliminate these problems.
  • If your venting system is blocked or your fireplace isn’t burning and venting properly, you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. CO is odorless, colorless, and impossible to identify using your senses, and in large amounts, it can be deadly. By scheduling annual inspections and regular cleanings, you can significantly lower your risk so that you can safely enjoy the convenience and benefits of a gas fireplace.

In addition to inspections and sweepings, I also provide an array of other services, including fireplace testing, system tune-ups, end-of-heating-season shutdown services, and more. Just ask!


Adding a new gas appliance or replacing one? Call Armour Chimney first. Before installation of a gas appliance vented into an existing chimney, the NFPA 211 Standard requires a level II inspection. A level II inspection is very thorough and is used to determine whether or not the existing chimney is suitable for venting the new appliance.

Gas heaters generate H2O during the combustion process, and this water vapor in the flue gases can and will condense in a cold chimney or vent. Condensation is very likely in a cold masonry chimney, and this results in water damage, spalling, and deterioration.

I’ll make sure your chimney liner is approved for venting your new gas appliance, that it’s properly sized for the appliance, and that it’s properly insulated so you don’t have to worry about safety or performance problems once your new gas fireplace is installed. And since I am a NFI-Certified Gas Appliance Specialist, you can be confident that your new gas fireplace will be installed properly and vented properly. I guarantee it!

Installing a new gas fireplace? Having issues with yours? Whatever’s going on, you can count on Armour Chimney Service to be your trusted partner. I am licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced, and I am here to help every step of the way. Call 208-550-8474 or request an appointment online today.


If you’re thinking about a wood stove, call me for the best in installation, service, troubleshooting and repair.

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