Relining & Restoring Chimney Flues With Durable, Reliable Stainless Steel

Chimney liners are crucial because they protect the masonry of the chimney from the moisture, heat, and byproducts of combustion, and usher those byproducts up and out of the home.

Without the flue liner, the byproducts would eat away at the mortar joints and the life of the chimney would be greatly shortened. Additionally, heat would be allowed to come into contact with nearby combustibles and dangerous flue gases (like carbon monoxide) would be able to access the rest of the home.

The reality is: every chimney needs a flue liner. But inspections often reveal cracked, broken, or deteriorated flue liners that no longer have the ability to contain the byproducts of combustion and can no longer safely vent the appliance. In these situations, the flue needs to be relined.

Other Reasons To Reline

A damaged liner isn’t the only reason to reline. You’ll also need to reline if:

  • your chimney doesn’t meet minimum clearances to combustibles
  • the flue is over or under sized for the appliance it vents
  • the liner isn’t tested and approved for venting the type of appliance you’re installing

Relining can also improve draw/draft and remedy smoky fireplace issues.

Chimney Relining

Choose Stainless Steel For A Lifetime Of Service

Here at Armour Chimney Service, I am proud to reline with insulated stainless steel liner systems, which are UL listed 1777 zero clearance liners that are approved for venting all fuels. They’re gas-tight and safe for wood, pellet, and gas-burning venting. Plus, they come in several sizes and can even be installed in chimneys with offsets.

The Olympia Forever Flex liner systems I install are made of 316TI and 304L stainless steel, and are fully tested and listed to the UL 1777 standard. They’re designed to be easy to install and to provide years of service. As an added bonus, each liner system carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you won’t have to worry about saving up for a new liner a few years from now.

Does your chimney need to be relined? Don’t waste your money on an aluminum liner that won’t last and that isn’t approved for venting all fuels. Instead, invest in a stainless steel liner. I am CSIA– and NFI-certified and can have your new liner properly installed and insulated to code in no time so you can get back to enjoying your fireplace.

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HeatShield® cerfractory system may be right solution to your relining needs. Our chimney and masonry experts will know what to do.

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