Refresh Your Coeur d’Alene Home With A Fireplace Restoration

Part of what makes having a fireplace so enjoyable is the look and style it adds to the space it’s in. But years and use can age your fireplace, which in turn, can date and degrade your entire space. Is your fireplace the attractive focal point you want it to be or do you wish there was a way to hide it when you have company? If your fireplace isn’t everything you want it to be, I’d love to help.

I am a NFI-Certified Master Hearth Professional and CSIA Chimney Professional with years of experience restoring fireplaces and fireboxes. Whether you have damaged firebox paneling or your fireplace is just out o date and clashing with your interior design aesthetic, I have what it takes to restore your fireplace and make it everything you wish it was.

As an experienced mason with extensive knowledge of historical masonry — who also stays up to date on the latest trends and techniques through my membership with the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) — I have the tools, techniques, attention to detail, and knowledge needed to deliver the high-quality, breath-taking results you’re after.

Fireplace Facelift & Restoration Specialties

Brickwork & Fireplace Facing Repairs & Redesigns

Heat and moisture damage, as well as house settling, can cause cracks and holes along fireplace facings. As this damage gets worse, more and more pressure is put on the brickwork, which can lead to larger cracks, crumbling mortar, and an overall unattractive appearance.

The problem with brick and mortar repairs is, not everyone is qualified to do the job. In fact, someone who lacks experience, knowledge, and proper tools could end up making your masonry look even worse. But at Armour Chimney Service I guarantee strong, attractive, durable results.

I also specialize in complete redesigns, so if you’re ready to start over, rest assured you’re in good hands. Whether you need brick replaced, mortar joints repointed, or you’d like to add some style and make a statement with a fresh, more modern fireplace design, a masonry experts will take care of it for you. It’s what I do!

Fireplace Restoration

Firebox Repair & Panel Replacement

The firebox, which is the portion of the fireplace that hosts the fire, is often the first area of the fireplace to deteriorate. The refractory panels or firebrick can flake apart or crack, and creosote can settle along the walls and flooring of the firebox. Naturally, this detracts from the beauty of the fireplace as a whole, but the real problem is that a damaged or creosote-covered firebox is dangerous.

Creosote is highly flammable and could cause a chimney fire if not removed, while cracks, gaps, and deteriorated areas in the firebox can allow heat to transfer to nearby combustibles and sparks to enter into walls. Likewise, these openings can allow carbon monoxide and smoke to escape from the fireplace and chimney.

If this is the type of damage that’s making your fireplace unsafe and unattractive, Armour Chimney Service can help. I remove creosote (even glazed creosote), and replace firebrick and refractory panels. I also use refractory mortar to seal gaps and cracks between the brick and paneling for a safer fireplace. And if you want something special — say a herringbone design — I can do that for you as well.

Stain Removal

Smoke and soot stains can age your fireplace and make your entire living space look bad. But removing them is a time-consuming, hopeless task, right? Not with Armour Chimney Service. I use the industry’s best products and techniques to remove soot and smoke stains from fireplaces, and all of my products are free of noxious, harmful odors.

Think it will be messy, laborious, and time-consuming? Think again. I’ll be in and out in no time, leaving you with a fireplace that looks oh so fresh and so clean.

Are you tired of living with an ugly, outdated fireplace and ready for a refresh? Give me a call at 208-550-8474 or click here to request an appointment with a fireplace and firebox restoration expert.


We are experienced with all kinds of chimney and masonry repairs, including solid experience with smoke chamber parging.

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