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Has age, weather, chimney leak, poor craftsmanship, or a chimney fire made your chimney unattractive and unsafe? Are you looking for a qualified and experienced company to restore or rebuild your chimney? You’ve come to the right place.

A lot of things can contribute to chimney damage, and the repair or restoration methods and options will depend on the extent of the damage and the issue. But no matter what condition your chimney is in or what your end goals may be, Armour Chimney Service can help.

Armour Chimney Service is CSIA– & NFI-certified and has years of chimney rebuild and restoration experience here in Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding communities. From minor mortar joint repairs to historical restorations and complete rebuilds, I do it all and I do it right! And since I am licensed, bonded, and insured, you can rest easy when I’m on your property.

Chimney Repointing

Not all chimney damage requires full restoration or rebuild — you may simply need some repairs here and there.

Let’s say you notice a couple of receding mortar joints on the exterior of your chimney. The area may simply need to be repointed, which is done by grinding out the deteriorating mortar and packing new mortar into those joints.

When repointing chimneys, the mortar is very carefully chosen, to ensure it will blend with the rest of the chimney and match in terms of composition. This is very important — not just for looks, but also for structural integrity. If the mortar isn’t carefully matched, once repairs are made, the freshly packed joints could end up putting excess pressure on the surrounding masonry. I want to restore your chimney, not make matters worse, so I take the time to carefully and confidently find the perfect mortar for your chimney, based on its age and geography.

Chimney Rebuilds

Chimney Rebuilds

Wondering if you’ll need a whole or partial chimney rebuild? The best way to figure out what your chimney needs is to schedule an inspection with a chimney professional. During an inspection, I’ll evaluate your chimney’s condition and let you know what my recommendations are.

Some of the most common reasons for rebuilding include the following:

  • Excessively water-logged and damaged brick
  • Flawed design or improper height
  • Extensive masonry decay or damage
  • Age related deterioration

If a full or partial rebuild is necessary, you can rest assured that, with Armour Chimney Service, the job will go as swimmingly as possible. Customers appreciate the commitment I make to be on time, clean, professional, efficient, courteous, and dependable, and those are the qualities you can expect when I am in your home or on your property.

I’ll communicate with you throughout the process so you always know what’s going on, where you are in the rebuild, and what to expect. I’ll also clean up after myself and treat your property with great care. And because of attention to detail and my extensive training and experience, you can be confident your new chimney will be beautiful, efficient, and long-lasting.

Request An Inspection With A Master Hearth Professional Today

Are you looking for a highly trained chimney repair and rebuild specialist to work on your chimney? Whether you need some brick replaced and some mortar joints tuckpointed or you need to have your chimney rebuilt from bottom to top, you can trust the job to Armour Chimney Service. I am an experienced mason who services single- and multi-family homes, restaurants, commercial properties, apartment complexes, and condominium complexes, and I guarantee excellent work.

To request an appointment to have your chimney inspected by an experienced, educated, and honest chimney professional, call us at 208-550-8474. I am Coeur d’Alene’s trusted chimney restoration and rebuild expert and am here to help, six days a week!


If you’re thinking about a firebox or fireplace restoration, you’ve come to the right place because we know all about that kind of chimney and masonry repair.

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