Buying Or Selling A Property? Protect Yourself With A Chimney Video Scan

Moving? Then like everyone who has ever been through the experience, you’re probably just a little bit stressed. All your free time is spent packing and going to open houses — or perhaps you’re past that stage. Perhaps you’ve already made an offer on a home. No matter where you are in the process, there’s one thing you can do that can help eliminate stress and give you some peace of mind: invest in a chimney video scan for sales transactions.

What Are Chimney Video Scans & Why Are They Needed?

Even with bright lights and sunlight, areas of the chimney interior may be left unseen or hidden during a traditional chimney inspection (like the inspection a home inspector might provide).

Open voids and misaligned or cracked flue tiles in the chimney can reduce its ability to operate safely and properly, leaving destructive condensate and byproducts inside the chimney that can cause the need for expensive repairs. Open voids in the venting system can also allow heat transfer to concealed combustibles, possibly leading to a much more costly — and potentially deadly — structure fire.

Chimney video inspections or scans are used to take videos and/or photos from inside the chimney structure in order to document the chimney’s interior condition and locate hidden defects and hazards such as these.

Chimney Inspections

Using my Chim-Scan® inspection camera, I perform a level II inspection, which is incredibly important during a sales transaction. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 211 Standard states that all chimneys must be inspected when a property is changing hands. The purpose really is to protect you so you know whether or not repairs are needed, problems are present, or the system is ready to be safely enjoyed.

So before you purchase a home, make sure you’re aware of any hidden defects and improper construction that could cost thousands of dollars to repair. Call Armour Chimney Service and schedule a chimney video scan before you close and all costs are your responsibility. I provide thorough inspections and will work with you to get the inspection done and the report to you when you need it.

Renting Out A Duplex? Purchasing A Commercial Property? I Inspect Those Too!

I also perform chimney video scan inspections for restaurants, commercial properties, duplexes, and apartments and condominium complexes of all sizes. Protect yourself against unknown expenses and protect your tenants against dangerous fires and safety hazards by having the chimneys on the property you’re looking at inspected by one of the pros here at Armour Chimney Service.

Let’s face it: a seller can throw a fresh coat of paint on the fireplace and make it seem like everything is clean and new. But I see past that. I’ve identified some major issues during my inspections and provided detailed reports and photos of the inside and outside of the chimney and fireplace — all on a deadline — empowering my customers to go to the closing with the information they need to negotiate costs for repairs.

Get the peace of mind you deserve — call Armour Chimney Service at 208-550-8474 or click here to request an appointment online.

Don’t forget to check out this retro (yet informative) video on Chim-Scan’s website.


Don’t postpone your next chimney inspection; it’s one of the most important chimney and venting services we offer, so call now.

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