You Can Count On A Certified Master Hearth Professional To Troubleshoot, Service, Install & Repair Your Wood Or Pellet Fireplace Insert

Are you having problems with your wood or pellet fireplace insert? Is it time to schedule service? Are you tired of your old, outdated fireplace and looking to replace it with a new wood or pellet insert?  Whatever your needs may be, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many benefits to having a pellet or wood insert:

  • Modern wood and pellet inserts are highly efficient and clean burning
  • They’re easily installed inside of existing fireplaces and don’t require costly or messy demo work
  • They rely on a renewable resource to warm your home

But to get the most of your appliance and reduce the risk associated with having a fire in your home, you need to make sure the appliance is properly installed, serviced, repaired, and maintained.

How can I help?

Armour Chimney Service is an Idaho licensed HVAC Hearth Contractor, Washington State General Contractor, CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep, F.I.R.E.-Certified Inspector, and NFI-Certified Master Hearth Professional. I am licensed, bonded, and insured, and capable of servicing, repairing, and installing all makes and models of wood and pellet fireplace inserts.

Troubleshooting & Repairs

Is a smoky, poorly performing fireplace insert making it hard to relax? When a problem arises with a wood or pellet fireplace insert, I start with a six-step sweeping process. Many times, a proper and thorough chimney cleaning is all that’s needed to get the insert back in working order, but cleaning the venting system also allows me to better see damage and other concerns.

If a chimney cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, I investigate using proven testing and diagnostics to narrow down and isolate the issue. I’ll check for creosote buildup, rust and water damage, broken components, improper installation, and other common problems. I don’t blindly throw parts at a problem — I investigate, isolate, and then replace.

Once I’ve identified the problem, I’ll quickly get to work fixing it so you can quickly get back to enjoying your wood or pellet insert. If the appliance has reached the end of its serviceable life, is burned out beyond repair, or parts are not available, I’ll suggest a replacement appliance.


All appliances, old and new, need periodic service. At a minimum, you should be scheduling annual inspections of your hearth appliance and the attached venting system, so you know it’s safe for continued use and free of problems.

Regular sweepings are also important, especially for wood and pellet appliances, which tend to produce more creosote and soot buildup than other fuels. It’s important that these byproducts be removed at the end of the burn season to prevent damage, chimney fires, performance problems, creosote odor, and other unwanted issues. But the good news is: for all of your service needs, you can count on Armour Chimney Service. I specialize in servicing wood and pellet inserts of all types and know just what to do to keep yours in great working order.


Time to replace or add a wood or pellet fireplace insert in your home or business? The quality of the installation will largely determine the efficiency and safety of your new insert, so make sure you invest in professional installation with certified techs you can trust. As a NFI-Certified Pellet & Wood-Burning Specialist, I make sure everything is done right and to manufacturer’s specs. When you have your new insert installed by my team, you won’t have to worry about mistakes or hiccups — I’ll do it right and I’ll do it quickly!

Note: Washington has strict laws about wood-burning appliances, including wood inserts. To be sold in Washington, all wood-burning appliances must meet both EPA’s standards and Washington’s stricter standards. Before buying or installing your new wood insert, check to make sure it meets the required standards. You may also need a permit and inspection from your local building department prior to installing a new wood-burning appliance.

Is it time to get your wood or pellet fireplace insert a little professional help? Call on Armour Chimney Service at 208-550-8474 or click here to request an appointment online today. I am committed to providing you with on-time, clean, professional, efficient, reasonably priced services, no matter where you are in Kootenai, Shoshone, Bonner, Benewah, or Spokane County.


We can troubleshoot, repair, service and install many different fuel-burning appliances as well as the right chimneys and stove pipes. Ask for more information today.

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