Is Your Chimney Flashing Letting Water In? Leaky Flashing Repairs Are My Specialty

Water can be a real concern when it’s coming down into your home or property because of a leaky chimney. Damage can be done quickly and there are probably a million other things you’d rather spend your money on than water-damaged ceilings, wood rot, and staining. Just a guess!

Here at Armour Chimney Service, I understand the frustration that a leaky chimney can cause and I understand the importance of quickly locating and repairing water entry points. My team has been trained and educated by the industry’s best to ensure I can provide the fast and effective solutions my customers need when water problems spring up.

Is your chimney leaking? One of the first things we’ll check is the flashing, a common cause of leaky chimneys. You might not be familiar with what chimney flashing is or what it does, so I’ll run through the basics real quick.

What Is Chimney Flashing & Why Does It Leak?

Put simply, flashing is sheet metal that is layered and installed at the chimney’s base at the roofline. This area is prone to leaks, but when flashing is installed by a professional, the area should remain watertight and leak free. Problems arise when:

  • The flashing isn’t installed right — Like anything, flashing is only as good as the team installing it. If things aren’t done the right way because the installer is inexperienced or cutting corners, leaks are highly likely to develop.
  • The flashing is damaged, loose, or lifted — Damaged, loose flashing, and lifted or dented flashing can be caused by wind, rain, animals, strong storms, and of course, a bad install job. Remember, the flashing must be watertight and free of holes, gaps, or openings; otherwise, it will leak. Likewise, if dents are present, they provide an area for rainwater to pool and rust through the flashing.
  • The flashing is made of low-quality metal — Flashing is out in the elements all the time, so if it’s made of a lower grade metal like aluminum, corrosion and leaks are inevitable. To truly last, flashing should be made of a durable, rust-resistant metal like stainless steel or copper.
Chimney Flashing Repair

FlashSeal — The Easy & Effective Solution To Leaky Flashing

What happens if your flashing is damaged or was installed incorrectly? How are repairs made?

Flashing Repair

Here at Armour Chimney Service, I caulk flashing that has come loose and seal flashing using FlashSeal, a flexible waterproofing product specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney flashing.

When applied, FlashSeal covers the entire area and prevents water from entering in the future. It adheres to the flashing, the brick chimney, and the shingles of the roof, and will move with the home as it settles, expands, or contracts with age and temperature shifts, ensuring the seal is never broken.

FlashSeal provides 7 years of leak protection and it’s available in brown, black, and white to allow for discreet protection.

Flashing Installation & Replacement

If flashing was so poorly installed or is so far gone that the only real solution is to start over, I can help with that, too. I specialize in flashing installation and use top grade stainless steel and copper flashing.

The materials and techniques I use are guaranteed to provide lasting protection against flashing leaks, so you won’t have to worry about it again in the future. For added protection, I can even apply FlashSeal to the newly installed flashing. The moral of the story is: with Armour Chimney Service, you won’t have to worry about flashing leaks again.

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Chimney waterproofing gives long-lasting protection against damaging chimney leaks.

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