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What if there was a way to warm your home and keep you and your family comfortable, no matter how hard the wind howls or the rain whips down? And what if you could do it using very little fuel and without worrying about emissions or creosote production?

I have good news for you: the impossible is possible with a Tulikivi soapstone heater.

How A Tulikivi Soapstone Heater Works

A masonry heater (also known as a masonry stove, ceramic stove, tile stove, or Russian stove) is a heater, in my case, a wood burning heater, that warms a space through radiant heat that’s captured from intermittent wood burning. The heater captures and stores the heat in the thermal mass of the masonry, and then radiates it into the room at a very constant temperature over a long period of time.

A Tulikivi masonry heater works on that principle, capturing and storing the heat from periodic firing, and radiating it into the room slowly and evenly. What makes a Tulikivi special is that it’s made from beautiful soapstone.

What’s So Great About Soapstone?

When a Tulikivi soapstone heater is fired, the hot combustion gases are routed through channels in the heater on their way into the chimney. This allows for heat exchange into the thermal mass of the heater, which is soapstone. Soapstone is an extremely dense and conductive stone, which simply means, it has an incredible ability to store and slowly radiate heat.

Tulikivi Soapstone Heater

Why Is Radiant Heat Better?

Radiant heat is the same heat we enjoy from the sun, and unlike the harsh, short-lived, and fiery convective heat from a woodstove, radiant heat does not burn or dry out the air. A Tulikivi fireplace emits gentle heat, evenly, over the whole room, remaining warm long after the fire has gone out.

Tulikivi Green Heat — More Heat With Fewer Emissions

The Tulikivi fireplace only uses a small amount of wood that is burned fast and hot, with more than 80% efficiency. This allows a Tulikivi heater to be fired just once or twice a day, providing all the heat you need.

A fast, hot fire also means a cleaner burn and fewer emissions. The Tulikivi patented whirlbox firebox burns very cleanly, generating little more than ash and heat — a lot of heat. If wood is burned slowly, it smolders, causing incomplete combustion and producing smoke, tars, and creosote. Creosote is what causes most chimney fires.

Fewer emissions, less fuel, greater, more comforting warmth? What’s not to love? If you’d like to learn more or you’re interested in a Tulikivi fireplace for your home or commercial property, call me at 208-550-8474. I’d be happy to answer your questions and assist you— from purchase to installation and maintenance. Call or click here to request an appointment online today.

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