Video Scanning

Chimney video inspection is used to take photos and/or video from inside the chimney structure to document the chimneys interior condition and locate hidden defects and hidden hazards.

Even with bright lights or sunlight, areas of the chimney interior may be left unseen or hidden during inspection. Open voids, misaligned or cracked flue tiles in the chimney can reduce its ability to operate properly, leaving condensate and byproducts inside the chimney  that deteriorate the chimney leading to expensive repairs. Open voids in the venting system can allow heat transfer to concealed combustibles possibly leading to a much more costly and potentially deadly structure fire.Chimney inspection Spokane and chimney video scanning Spokane Coeur d'Alene

Misaligned flue liner creating an open void in the chimney

A misaligned flue liner creating an open void in the chimney discovered via video scanning. This chimney cannot contain the products of combustion; heat, moisture and creosote. It is a health and safety hazard.

Using our Chim-Scan® inspection camera after chimney sweeping, we can provide verification that the chimney flue is free from buildup and that the chimney is suitable for continued use. Video scanning is a crucial part of a level 2 inspection. Level 2 inspections are required by the NFPA 211 for real estate transactions, e.g. buying or selling a home and changing fuels, e.g. switching from gas to wood and before re-lining a chimney.

Ask about video scanning during your  regular chimney maintenance. Level 2 inspection including video scanning is incredibly important during a sales transaction to find hidden defects and improper construction that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

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