Wood Burning Stoves

A wood burning stove is a great investment for your home. Whether replacing your old stove or installing a new efficient EPA certified wood stove, heating with a wood stove is environmentally neutral, renewable and will allow you to get the most BTU’s for your buck.

Most wood stoves manufactured today are functional and attractive. Not only can they have the capacity to heat your entire home, they look good doing it. As a wood stove heats up during burning, it radiates heat through the metal walls and stove top. Radiant heat warms the area immediate around the stove and can be moved to other parts of the home via the home’s natural air flow or free standing fans or ceiling fans. Some stoves have built in electric or convection-powered fans to help circulate the heat.

Some high end wood stoves combine radiant and convection heating into a single appliance by using a convection chamber, which wraps around the firebox. This convection channel draws cool air in and warms it before circulating it back in to the room. The Kuma Sequoia is an excellent example of this type of stove.

Modern EPA certified wood stoves are around 1/3 more efficient than the old style box stoves. That means 1/3 less wood to buy, cut, haul, split and burn. Modern stoves produce about 90% less smoke than older stoves. That means less particulate matter, cleaner air and happier neighbors because they aren’t getting  smoked out.

Modern efficient EPA certified wood stove



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